Nurse’s spooky Halloween fright

Blacktown Hospital nurse Mandy Le couldn’t believe what she found under the hospital bed sheets.

A Blacktown Hospital nurse has today experienced a spooky Halloween fright to remember. 

After hearing eery noises and flashing lights from a room in the emergency short stay ward Mandy Le bravely approached the bed.

After carefully pulling back the sheets, Mandy found a terrifying pumpkin head.  

The scary pumpkin quickly disappeared.

It is believed the pumpkin is currently on the loose at the hospital.

Mandy Le said she had never seen anything like it.

“I wasn’t sure what I was going to see and I felt very scared but I wanted to be brave and find out what it was,” Mandy said.

“I hope it doesn’t spook any more people, and hopefully we end up some delicious pumpkin soup.” 

Any staff, patients or visitors who spot the haunted pumpkin are urged to call 1800 HALLOWEEN.