Pastor’s poem to celebrate 40th birthday

Former Westmead Hospital nurse and chaplain Brenda Robiliard.

Former registered nurse and former chaplain Brenda Robiliard has penned a poem to celebrate the Westmead Hospital birthday celebrations.

The dedicated stalwart worked at Westmead Hospital for more than 30 years starting out as a registered nurse, nurse unit manager and then became a hospital chaplain.

The poem reads:

Gough Whitlam had a vision

For the people of the west

to provide a healthcare system

That was better than the rest

We’ve had a few blues in the past 40 years

At times we’ve been bleeding and battered

But we’ve all survived

Because we all know what mattered

And that was to give to all who came in

To our hospital – Westmead

First class compassion and caring service

And service that none could surpass

We can’t hope to become what we want to be

By remaining the way that we are

The programmed rebuild is well underway

A better health service by far

Refurbish upgrade re-equip that the plan

We’re excited and look forward to that day

At Westmead we’ve always risen well to the call

On our birthday and strengthened each day!

Thank you Brenda for sharing this poem with the Pulse.