Colours and flavours of India fill Westmead Hospital for Diwali

Left to right: Kaushaliya Kumar, Jowmee Kwong, Geeta Bellett, Natasha Krishnaswamy, Komal Patel, Reshmi Gandhi, Hamida Ali, Reshma Kolambkar and Zubeda Aziz. 

Indian scents and traditional costumes were on display at Westmead Hospital as staff marked the Hindu festival of lights, Deepawali (also known as Diwali). 

Left to right: Kaushaliya Kumar, Geeta Bellett, Natasha Krishnaswamy, Hamida Ali, Elizabeth Andersen, Reshma Kolambkar, Zubeda Aziz, Komal Patel, Reshmi Gandhi and Jowmee Kwong

More than thirty staff members from across Western Sydney Local Health District’s executive teams marked the occasion, which is the biggest event of the year for Indian communities. 

Left to right: Natasha Krishnaswamy, Zubeda Aziz, Hamida Ali, Kaushaliya Kumar, Geeta Bellett, Reshmi Gandhi and Reshma Kolambkar 

The celebration is also commonly called the Festival of Lights as it’s about illuminating the lights in people and removing darkness and sadness.

The event is celebrated with beautiful lights, colours and cuisines, right across the globe.

Medical Workforce Unit operations manager Hamida Ali.

Accounting and Reporting Efficiency Improvement Program manager Kaushaliya Kumar said Diwali is a festival that brings people together.

“Diwali is about spreading positivity, good will and joy,” Kaushaliya said.

Kaushaliya Kumar, Natasha Krishnaswamy, Reshma Kolambkar, Zubeda Aziz, Hamida Ali and Geeta Bellett.

“It was great to see everyone experience Indian culture and share the beautiful cuisine.”