Kathy farewells her second home

Kathy Dempsey cuts her farewell cake. Westmead Association executive officer Georgette Hanna is pictured in the background.

After 34 years of calling Westmead Hospital her second home, Infection Prevention and Control clinical nurse consultant Kathy Dempsey is leaving Westmead for the Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC). 

“I hope to bring a bit of Westmead character into the CEC – the expertise, experience, passion and striving for better outcomes for our patients and staff,” Mrs Dempsey said.

“I’ve worked in the district’s Infection Prevention and Control Unit for the past 21 years and was responsible for developing our infection control processes.

“I credit my longevity to the staff and colleagues at Westmead – the dedication, compassion, stamina and work ethic from everyone has made it difficult to walk away from.

“Westmead is like my second home because I spent most of my time here, long-lasting friendships were made here, I gave birth to both my children here, I breastfed in the old executive boardroom and was the first to use the staff breastfeeding room.

Westmead Hospital staff Jo Talon, Dr Nicky Gilroy, Kathy Dempsey (middle), Professor Gwendolyn Gilbert and Dr Patricia Ferguson.

“I’ve seen and been involved in many changes both operationally and structurally. I’ve worked in a number of clinical areas including critical care, orthopaedics, paediatrics (when Westmead Hospital treated children), neurology, nutritional support and central venous access.

“I’m excited about Westmead Hospital’s evolution and creation of the Westmead Precinct, a little sad that I won’t be here but will continue to have links in my new role.

“I feel privileged that Westmead has provided me with so many positive and diverse experiences which are second to none.

“I will miss the many faces and persnalitites of the staff who I’ve grown with and have become my friends.”