Floodwater warning: take extra care today

Western Sydney Local Health District is asking the community to take extra care in or around floodwaters.

Heavy rain across Sydney has prompted Western Sydney Local Health District to issue a warning to local residents about looking after their safety and health in relation to floodwater.

Floodwater can be extremely polluted. It is important to understand how to reduce your risk of injury, sickness or infection during floods and storms.

To prevent potential health risks, do not access floodwater and ensure that you and any children are kept away from stormwater drains and creeks.

Avoid wading even in shallow water as it may be contaminated – if you must enter shallow flood water, wear solid boots or shoes for protection.

Always wash your hands after contact with floodwater or after handling pets that may have swum in contaminated water.

As always, never attempt to drive through floodwaters and take extra care on the roads today.

Check livetraffic.com, bom.gov.au and ses.nsw.gov.au for the latest information.

For more information go to https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/emergency_preparedness/weather/Pages/storms-and-floods.aspx