A passport to fitness – the perfect gift

Boost your health in 2019 with Fitness Passport

The secret is out. To get the glow of good health, you need to be physically active.

So why not give the gift of Fitness Passport this Christmas or New Year? 

Show your nearest and dearest that you care about their health and wellbeing by gifting a Fitness Passport.

Fitness Passport gives you gym and pool access across more than 600 facilities. You can go as often as you like, and to as many different facilities as you like for a fraction of the usual cost – $13.95 per week for individuals and $20.95 per week for families.

If better fitness is your 2019 goal, Fitness Passport will make it easier.

You’ll be able to work out at the gym, take a fitness class or swim close to work during the week and near home on the weekends. You can even keep active on holidays, whether you are heading to the coast or to country NSW.

You can find the full list of facilities and eligibility criteria, and sign up here.

Fitness Passport is available for WSLHD staff and their immediate family.

The last membership card order for new and existing members in 2018 will be made on Friday 14th December. The first card order for 2019 will be on Monday 7th January.