NSW’s first public health news site hits 1 million views

The Corporate Communications team that brings you The Pulse.


That’s how many times people have viewed stories right here on The Pulse.

In just 21 months since the digital news site was born, The Pulse has informed thousands of people about important health alerts, announcements and special events from across Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD).

The site has also entertained and inspired the community with feature stories about patient experiences in our hospitals and profiled the strong and resilient humans who provide healthcare in western Sydney.

The Pulse is owned and managed by the WSLHD Corporate Communications team with a newsroom ethos, covering as-it-happens news updates about the local health district’s 14,000 staff and its patients and services.

With the introduction of The Pulse, WSLHD became the first health district in NSW to introduce a real-time digital news source for its staff and its community.

WSLHD Corporate Communications director Mathew Nott said stories are published daily – and sometimes hourly.

“The Pulse provides stories direct from the heroes that care for our patients, as well as patient stories that provide hope and encouragement,” Mathew said.

“We’re also ensuring our community has access to the health news they need to know about. An article about a recent measles risk in Sydney reached almost 13,000 people in just matter of days.

“While it’s important that we have a way to speak with our community about health information, we also want to keep them entertained and inspired with the wonderful things that happen at our hospitals.

“No one walks into a hospital or health service without a story to tell, and the team at The Pulse is aiming to capture as many of these experiences as we can.”

Here are the top stories that made waves across the internet.


The Pulse ventured into Westmead Hospital’s neurosurgery and emergency departments, where there are more women than ever joining the medical field. The powerful doctors featured in the story encouraged other women to pursue their dreams.


Blacktown bariatric surgery patient Danielle Moxon

An article about Blacktown’s first bariatric-metabolic surgery patient Danielle Moxon is one of The Pulse’s most popular stories, welcoming a new era in the treatment of diabetes caused by obesity.


Breast milk

An incredible breastfeeding fact stuns thousands around the world, courtesy of the Women’s and Newborn Health team at Westmead Hospital.


A story about a measles risk in Sydney provided an important warning to the community – the story got 13,000 clicks in just a couple of days.


The inspiring journey of a triplet family hit people right in the feels and is one of The Pulse’s highest read stories. The triplets’ mother defied all odds when she was able to conceive naturally despite a medical condition which can lead to infertility.


Dr Matthew Vukasovic has become a household name across Western Sydney – and his warning to the community about visiting the emergency department for emergencies only struck a chord with our readers.


Palliative care photo

The finer details about what happens to our bodies when the dying process commences was popular among our Pulse readers, thanks to real-life insights from a Westmead Hospital expert whose supports patients when they are passing away.

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