Consumer reps’ massive footprint in 2018

WSLHD Consumer Representatives made an enormous impact in 2018.

The WSLHD Community and Consumer Partnerships 2018 Annual Report reflects the achievements and impact of the program.

Since the Community and Consumer Partnerships program began in December 2014, it has had immense impact for Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD).

Some of the highlights include:

* The number of consumer representatives has almost doubled in one year.

* During 2018 they invested 1800 hours of their time.

* Staff requests for consumer representation on their teams have nearly doubled (see Figure 2 for detail).

* In 2018 our small team (Tara and Coralie) attended nineteen Western Sydney community events and provided numerous consultancies beyond WSLHD including other LHDs.  

* Consumer Council members engaged with Southern District Health Board New Zealand.  A plan has emerged to support consumer representative relationship building and insight exchange between consumer representatives active in both health services.

* New directions have emerged that showcase the impact of WSLHD consumer representatives. 

* More and more consumer reps are involved in research projects.

* The publication of a research paper by Sydney Health Partners researcher Dr Angela Todd focused on how to engage consumers in research, was the result of focus sessions with Consumer Representatives from WSLHD, NSLHD and SLHD.

* This work has since extended into a research collaboration with WSLHD Consumer Representatives to build capability and capacity to engage in the research process.

What our consumer reps said about the 2018 program:

“It is hard to believe that we have managed so much … Onward and upward!”

“I look forward to 2019 and what we add to the provision of patient care.”

“I am amazed at how dedicated Consumer Council members are, so much collected wisdom …We are people that just get things done often behind the scenes.”

What our staff said about the 2018 program:

“Congratulations to yourselves and the whole WSLHD Consumer Council – a very dynamic, productive and highly committed group of fantastic human beings!”

“The Community and Consumer Partnerships team and our Consumer Representatives are doing great work and bringing an empowered voice to every meeting. Very excited for next 12 months.”

To read the 2018 annual report, visit: