Nonno’s gratitude: ‘I reckon they did a miracle’

Angelo Papa enjoys a coffee under the sunlight at Westmead Hospital.

Westmead Hospital patient and Italian ‘nonno’ (grandfather in Italian) says it’s a miracle he is walking again.

Seventy-four-year-old Angelo Papa was rushed to Westmead Hospital this week after finding it difficult to walk without intense pain.

After a three hour surgery yesterday to repair blocked arteries in his hips and legs, Angelo was back on his feet and enjoying a coffee in the Zouki courtyard today.

“I thought I was going to die but look at me, I’m walking around,” Angelo said.

“I had pains and couldn’t walk. They did a three hour surgery on me yesterday.

“Now, I have no pain at all… from the top, to the bottom.”

Angelo is a ‘nonno’ to 14 grandchildren. He looks forward to seeing them once he is discharged from hospital.

Angelo is expected to be discharged tomorrow. He plans to get straight back into gardening, a popular Italian pass time.

“When I get home I will go straight back to my gardening,” Angelo said.

“I grow carrots, beans, lettuce and spinach. I also grow persimmon, it’s like a tomato.

“Thank you to the hospital and the doctors, I reckon they did a miracle, I didn’t lose my legs.”