ICU doctor: don’t end up on life support this weekend

They’ll provide the best care, but they’d prefer to meet you outside of hospital: physiotherapist Karina Rose, intensive care nurse Nic Brown, Dr Kerry Chen, Dr Stephanie Naim with Dr Hatem Elkady (front) from Westmead ICU.

Intensive Care Unit  (ICU) fellow Dr Hatem Elkady has urged community members to stay safe over the Easter holiday period and avoid an accident that could require months or even years of rehabilitation.

The ICU, which is one of the biggest units in Australia, often sees a surge of patients requiring life support after drug use and speeding over holiday periods.

Dr Elkady said a hospital visit to Westmead ICU would not end there, with extensive treatment and rehab to follow.

“If you survive a crash with a head injury, you could end up on a life support machine for up to three months,” Dr Elkady said.

“You could need up to five major surgeries – and many more procedures, treatments and rehabilitation after that.  

“We promise to provide you the best possible care, but accidents can have bad outcomes … all the way up to death.

Don’t end up here this weekend: Dr Hatem Elkady

“We promise to provide you the best care, but we’d prefer to meet you outside of hospital.”

NSW Police has urged motorists to avoid driving while tired.

Traffic and Highway Patrol Commander Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy said with the Easter and Anzac Day holidays so close together more cars were expected on the road.

“Driving when you are tired compromises your judgement and leaves you more at risk of being involved in a crash which could be deadly, that’s why it is so important to take a rest break from driving every couple of hours,” Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy said.

Traffic and Highway Patrol Commander Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy. Photo credit: The Northern Daily Leader.

“We want motorists to take to the road responsibly and safely and remember any road they travel on there is a good chance police will be there too.”

Double demerits will return on 12.01am Wednesday 24 April 2019 until 11.59pm on Sunday 28 April 2019 as part of Operation Go Slow across the Anzac Day public holidays.

Drivers can learn more about fatigue warning signs and risks at