Free info session: Crohn’s disease

PhD student Chloe Doyle will present her latest research on Crohn’s disease.

The latest research on the causes and progression of Crohn’s disease will be available to the public at a free seminar next month as part of The Westmead Institute for Medical Research (WIMR) ‘Meet the Researcher’ seminar series.

WIMR strategic communications coordinator Alison Grinyer said the Crohn’s and Colitis seminar, to be held on 14 May, is the first of this kind at the institute.

“We are giving the public a chance to hear from our world-class researchers whose work has the potential to affect millions of Australians and people around the world,” Alison said.

“To mark Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness Month we are hosting this information session where PhD student Chloe Doyle will present her latest research on the causes of this disease.

“Chloe’s research focuses on understanding the causes of Crohn’s disease in order to prevent its progression.”

Crohn’s Disease is a chronic autoimmune disease which affects the whole intestinal tract, including the mouth, esophageous, stomach, small and large intestine and anal canal.

Patients often experience abdominal pain, fatigue, long-lasting diarrhoea, weight loss, fever and rectal bleeding.

The seminar will also feature panel of experts including; Associate Professor Scott Byrne, group leader of the WIMR Autoinflammatory Diseases Group, Professor Golo Ahlenstiel, staff specialist Gastroenterology and Hepatology at Westmead Hospital and researcher in WIMR Autoinflammatory Diseases Group, Dr Grahame Ctercteko, head of the Colorectal Surgery Unit at Westmead Hospital and Associate Professor Andrew Harman (moderator) conjoint group leader of the WIMR Autoinflammatory Diseases Group.

Drinks and canapés will be served at the event. Registration is essential. To register, visit: