Western Sydney welcomes its own royal bubs

Pendle Hill couple Nimishabahen and Vijaykumar Patel welcomed a baby boy at Westmead Hospital less than 20 minutes before Harry and Meghan’s royal baby was born.

Sorry Meghan, we’ve stolen your thunder.

Western Sydney Local Health District’s own royal babies were born just seven and 18 minutes before Baby Sussex, who entered the world at 5.26am UK time (2.26pm Sydney time) on Monday, May 6.

As the world anxiously awaited news from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Western Sydney locals Rebekah Hills and Nimishabahen Patel were eagerly preparing for the arrival of their baby boys.

Jackson Baker can claim the crown, being born at Blacktown Hospital just seven minutes before Baby Sussex entered the world.

Rebekah, from Quakers Hill, just beat the Duchess of Sussex when she welcomed her first child Jackson Baker at Blacktown Hospital at 2.19pm.

“Mum and I were talking about it last week and wondering who would give birth first, so I looked it up this morning and worked out the time,” Rebekah said.

“It’s a pretty cool feeling, it’s like an accomplishment.”

Nimisha admitted she had “no idea” Princess Meghan was pregnant, but was excited to learn her son shared his birthday with royalty.

Rebekah said she was feeling good despite needing an emergency Caeasarean delivery, and praised the doctors and nurses for their “excellent” care.

Meawhile at Westmead Hospital, Nimishabahen Patel welcomed her second child 18 minutes before Baby Sussex.

Like his royal counterpart, Baby Patel has not yet been named, but mum said she was “very excited” to learn her little boy shares a birthday with the seventh in line to the throne.