Birth journey comes full circle for new Auburn midwife

New midwife Lila Holman with Vika Afu and her fourth child, daughter Seini Losela Rass, born at Auburn Hospital on International Day of the Midwife.

A chance reunion made one brand new registered midwife’s welcome to Auburn Hospital even more perfect at the weekend.

Lila Holman was based at the hospital for three years while undertaking her bachelor of midwifery, and has continued working there this year after being accepted into hospital’s graduate midwifery program.

Her journey came full circle on Sunday when she saw a familiar face in the delivery room: Vika Afu, the same mum who was her first ever unassisted delivery as a student.

The unexpected reunion was even more perfect as Sunday was International Day of the Midwife, giving Lila one more reason to celebrate the special today for her profession.

“I thought this would probably happen sometime in my career but I didn’t think it would be this soon,” Lila said.

“I hadn’t seen Vika in three years so it was wonderful to see her and her family, especially her son who was my first solo catch. It was very special.”

Vika said it was nice to see the midwife again, especially when the birth was taking longer than she would have liked.

“The delivery was going slow and I was getting frustrated, but Lila was very calm and encouraging. She kept telling me I was doing a good job even though I didn’t feel like I was,” Vika said.

“She’s such a happy person, always smiling. Anyone getting ready to give birth would be lucky to have her as a midwife.”

Lila said she herself was inspired to become a midwife after receiving excellent care from the same male midwife for the birth of each of her three children.

She did all of her training at Auburn Hospital, and was delighted to be accepted to continue there after graduating.

“I love the low-risk level of care and the independence midwives have here,” Lila said.

“It feels like being part of a family. The staff really know each other well and the support from your colleagues is excellent, which is great because I’m always asking questions.”

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