‘I love to help my people’: Blacktown welcomes back Yvonne To’a

Blacktown Hospital Aboriginal liaison officer Yvonne To’a, pictured last year during Close the Gap Week.

One of the friendliest faces at Blacktown Hospital is back to help make Aboriginal patients feel safe and cared for.

Aboriginal liaison officer Yvonne To’a recently took three months off to recover from a procedure.

Yvonne said her willpower got her through the past few months after complications from the surgery had her “in a bad way”.

“I’ve got a strong mind. That’s why I’m still here now,” she said.

Yvonne has spent an impressive 21 years in her role at Blacktown, making sure she gets around to greet all Aboriginal patients and help them feel more at home.

“I make sure they’re not stressed, that they understand the treatment they’re getting, and they know the legal ramifications of any consent forms and other paperwork,” Yvonne said.

“I advise my patients if they don’t understand the forms, to ask why they’re signing it.”

The Wiradjuri woman said she enjoys being with the hard-working doctors and nurses at Blacktown Hospital, but most of all she loves looking after her people.

“My people know me and respect me. They ask for me as soon as they get here,” Yvonne said.

“I love my job. I love to help my people. While I’m here they can always count on me.”

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