Wallabies player surprises Westmead Hospital patient

Wallabies player Jack Dempsey dropped into Westmead Hopsital to visit rugby fan Murray Ashby and his children Myles (11) and Caetlin (9).

Wallabies player Jack Dempsey has put a big smile on a patient’s face during an unexpected bedside visit this morning at Westmead Hospital.

Lindsay Ashby wrote to Rugby Australia to organise the surprise visit for his son Murray, in an effort to cheer him up while he receives care in Westmead Hospital’s haematology department.

“My son Murray is an ardent rugby supporter. He is actively involved at a local level as manager at Wahroonga Tigers Rugby,” Lindsay wrote in his letter.

“Unfortunately he has been having a tough time.

“I know a visit from a Wallaby would greatly lift his spirits. He has supported the Wallabies through thick and thin.”

And the lift in spirit was clear as Jack’s entry into Murray’s isolation room today was greeted with excitement.

An emotional Murray thanked Rugby Australia for organising the visit.

“The visit was unexpected and a bit humbling,” Murray said.

“Thank you to Rugby Australia for giving back to grassroots rugby.

“My kids have played rugby for a long time, it’s nice to see players giving back to the rugby community.”

Jack said it was ‘awesome’ to meet Lindsay and his family.

Player Jack Dempsy presented Murray and his family with a gift pack. Jack has been involved in the code as a manager and his children play local rugby.

“They are such passionate rugby fans,” Jack said.

“I used to play against Wahroonga Tigers as a kid, so it really hits home for me. It shows how connected we are as a rugby community.

“And when someone from our community is going through such a tough time, it’s nice to be able to step up and support those who might need it.”

Jack said meeting Murray puts things into perspective.

“Murray is going through such a massive ordeal and is in such good spirits. He puts his kids first and makes them his priority.

“He is sending his son to the World Cup even though he can’t go with him – that shows what a selfless man he is, especially with all the volunteer work he does for the rugby community.”

The team at The Pulse wishes Murray all the very best with his treatment.