Colours of Ramadan cover Westmead maternity

Westmead Hospital midwives Deema Taha and Nisreen Zreika alongside the Ramadan display in the maternity ward.

Staff at Westmead Hospital’s maternity ward have marked Ramadan by decorating the ward with lights, star lanterns, candles, Islamic prayer beads and a prayer mat.

Ramadan is a month-long period of worship observed by Muslims around the world. It includes a period of fasting, spiritual reflection, prayer and the detachment from worldly pleasures.

Midwife Deema Taha said that Ramadan is a special month for her as it goes beyond fasting all day.

“It allows me to be more mindful of others who are less fortunate, and it’s a month of giving and appreciating what we have,” Deema said.

“We have two prayer rooms throughout Westmead Hospital, but we also added a prayer mat as part of the maternity ward’s Ramadan display to support nightly prayers.  

“We do this not just for ourselves but for our patients too.”