Secret Lives of Staff: Mount Druitt’s heroic security officer and fire fighter

Blacktown and Mount Druitt hospitals’ security officer Jason Noonan

Meet Jason Noonan: a hospital security officer who doubles up as an adrenalin chasing volunteer fire fighter.

The Mount Druitt resident who is of Wiradjuri descent says his role with the Rural Fire Service is more than just putting out bushfires.

“We do everything that the NSW Fire and Rescue services do,” Jason said.

“We attend to motor vehicle accidents to rescue people, extinguish house fires, participate in search and rescue for people in the bush or rivers and assist with rescuing people or livestock in severe floods.

“We put our lives on the line every time we go out to a incident.

“Most people don’t get too close to a raging bush fire – but when you do, the adrenaline pumps through your veins and you act fast and rely on instincts and remember your training.

 Blacktown and Mount Druitt hospitals’ security officer and Rural Fire Service volunteer Jason Noonan.

“You can be in 100 degree heat fighting flames as tall as trees and stay there for eight hours or more. It’s draining and hard work and you rely on your crew members to do their jobs.

“It can be frightening but when you look back and think I helped save farmers property, livestock or natural landscape, homes and lives – it’s all worth it.

“I enjoy getting up every day to a new challenge and a mystery.”

Jason said his dad was a ‘firey’. He has been part of the Blue Mountains, Cumberland and Macarthur district brigade for 27 years.

“In a hospital setting, every day is also different and challenging. You need to be sensitive and compassionate to what people are going through when they walk through our doors,” Jason said.

“Ever since I was 14 I’ve wanted to help the community.

“I like helping people and making things a little easier where I can.”