Docs go quirky for a cause

Palliative care and medical oncology doctors show off their colourful socks.

Westmead Hospital staff have rummaged through their drawers to find their loudest, craziest socks in support of #CrazySocks4Docs Day.

Crazy Socks for Docs day is part of a campaign that raises awareness about mental health of all doctors and health practitioners around the world. The initiative encourages the medical community to don their craziest foot warmers in a hopes to normalise and bring discussion about the mental health and wellbeing of healthcare professionals to the forefront of conversation.

Show us ya socks! Doctors don crazy socks at Westmead Hospital today.

Psycho-oncologist at Westmead Hospital’s Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre Dr Catherine Mason said good mental health is important for all healthcare professionals, not just doctors.

Which one is your favourite?

“It would be extraordinary to walk into a room of healthcare professionals and find one that hasn’t experienced some type of mental illness. This is why we need to create awareness,” Dr Catherine Mason said.

“At WSLHD we recognise that working in the healthcare industry can be highly stressful. We are committed to doing everything we can to support the mental health and wellbeing of all healthcare professionals.”

Go team.

If you, or someone you know someone is struggling, there is help available:

  • Mental Health Hotline (Open 24 Hours) – 1800 011 511
  • Doctors Health Advisory Unit Helpline (NSW) – 02 9437 6552
  • Lifeline – 13 11 14
  • Beyond Blue – 1300 22 46  36
  • Men’s Help – 1300 78 99 78
  • JMO Support Line – 1300 566 321
  • Mental Health Wards across WSLHD