A toast for ward’s first year of success

Go team! A Westmead Hospital ward has celebrated its one year anniversary.

Westmead Hospital’s ward B3C celebrated their one year anniversary yesterday (6 June) with a birthday party including cake, pizza and treats for the staff and patients.

B3C nurse unit manager Nancy Yang helped organise the celebration to embrace the culture and diversity of the staff and patients they treat each day.

“Our ward was established as a ‘overflow’ ward treating all types of patients with a variety of injury, illness or disease,” Nancy said.

“We opened with eight beds we now have 36 beds which are filled with cancer, surgical, medical, palliative care, infectious disease and renal patients .

“New nursing staff and beds were brought into this ward while almost half was an overflow from other wards within the hospital.

“I am so proud of the staff who work in this ward as they are highly-skilled and motivated and are capable to learn how to manage complex patients.

“Each day is a new or challenging experience for some of our nurses as they provide care to patients with a sickness they may not be so familiar with.

“Through experience and dedication they are able to learn new skills quickly and can handle any situation.

“We are a great team and I look forward to celebrating our second year of treating the communities of Western Sydney.”

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