Celebrating the ‘unsung heroes’ in blue

Westmead Hospital Operating Theatre staff enjoy the refreshments.

Staff of one of the largest and busiest departments of Westmead Hospital have been treated to an appreciation day in recognition of their ongoing hard work and commitment.

The Operating Suite employs more than 200 staff and performs more than 22,000 procedures annually, making it a whirlwind of activity operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Surgery & Anaesthetics operations director Jenelle Matic supported the ‘Westmead Operating Suite Staff Appreciation Day’ and thanked the team for their ongoing commitment to the patients.

“Over the past few months, Westmead Hospital’s Operating Suite received a significant number of critical patients. This increased workload coincided with the introduction of the surgical electronic medical record (eMR),” Jenelle said.

“The staff have successfully and in a seamless manner implemented the eMR into their daily routine.

The staff are spoilt for choice with this delicious spread.  

“Some of the staff have commented that everyone is working together to achieve the best results possible, and that hosting a morning and afternoon tea really boosts the morale and makes them feel more valued.

“The staff appreciation day was a small gesture to express our profound appreciation for the constant efforts of these hard working unsung heroes that work tirelessly behind the scenes and out of the public eye.”

The treats were generously provided by managers, educators, doctors and numerous operating suite medical companies.