Project aims to make emergency surgery easier

Westmead Hospital’s surgery and anaesthetics operations director Janelle Matic, operating suite senior nurse manager Lee-Ann McDonald, health services planning & development senior planner Nereus Maranan, former Westmead Hospital registered nurse Catherine Brocktoff and acting redesign leader Clementia Yap.

A Westmead Hospital project that is improving patient access to emergency surgery has been recognised by the Agency for Clinical Innovation.

Operating suite senior nurse manager Lee-Ann McDonald said the project involves six solutions centred around a better scheduling and booking system and improved co-ordination and communication between staff and patients.

“Westmead Hospital provides more emergency surgery than elective surgery on a yearly basis,” Lee-Anne said.

“Our project aims to improve accessibility for patients needing an emergency surgical procedure.

“We have developed and researched best practice solutions which we have tested with stakeholders and patients. We have also designed data which can evaluate and monitor this program.

“We are currently recruiting a project officer who will keep the project going.”

The project was developed in collaboration with senior health services planner Nereus Maranan with support from WSLHD’s innovation and redesign team.

Lee-Ann and Nereus were awarded a graduate certificate in Clinical Redesign by the Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) Centre for Healthcare Redesign (CHR) Program for improvement to patient care.

The ACI CHR School supports the efforts to continue to build capability for system-wide design and improvement.

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