Ramadan spirit of giving to benefit Westmead newborns

Westmead Hospital mother Lamyaa Al-Sabti with her twin baby girls Lana and Lara.

A cheque of $6,500 donated to the Westmead Hospital Foundation today is set to benefit newborns receiving care at Westmead Hospital.

Fundraising efforts were led by Westmead Hospital chaplain Imam Anwar Albarq and the Lebanese Muslim Association’s general manager Khaled Adlameddine as part of a Ramadan appeal.

This money will be used to purchase equipment that can treat yellowish skin caused by jaundice in babies.

Khaled Alameddine said today’s donation is the beginning of a strong relationship between the Lebanese and Muslim communities and Westmead Hospital.

New mother Lamyaa Al-Sabti with Lebanese Muslim Association Khaled Alameddine and Westmead Hospital chaplain Anwar Albarq.

“We are very happy to be opening the bridge between our local Lebanese and Muslim communities,” Khaled said.

“We are going to ask our communities to continue to give and support Westmead Hospital and Westmead Children’s Hospital, as these two hospitals look after our communities, our mothers, wives, children and families and friends.”

Mother of one-week-old premature twin girls Lamyaa Al-Sabti was grateful for the donation as both her babies required the use of the equipment to treat their jaundice.

“It makes me very happy that my community is supporting me and my new babies today,” Lamyaa said.

It’s not too late to make a donation to the Ramadan appeal – if you wish to donate, please call the Westmead Hospital Foundation on 1800 639 037.