VIDEO: Newborn’s adorable first bath at Westmead Hospital

Baby Cassie enjoys her first bath at Westmead Hospital.

A heart-warming video capturing a newborn baby girl having her first bath shows how calming and peaceful the experience can be.

The baby was filmed during new parents Gary and Jona’s bathing class at Westmead Hospital, hosted by midwife Janice Connor.

The bathing classes are offered daily to new parents, providing a practical demonstration on how to correctly and safely wash their baby.  

Midwives teach parents a two-step process – starting with washing the baby’s face and head, and then the rest of the baby’s body.

New dad Gary was grateful for the tips he picked up at the class.

“I didn’t know it was okay to wash a baby’s hair and face – but now we do,” Gary said.

“The midwife who hosted the bathing class was a great teacher.”

Janice Connor with new parents Jona and Gary and baby Cassie.

Westmead  Hospital midwife Janice Connor said her team was committed to educating parents so they feel confident caring for their baby.

“Along with bath classes we teach parents about things like immunisations and safe sleeping, as well as noting the organisations that can help such as the Australian Breast Feeding association,” Janice said.

If you’ve given birth recently or have a newborn on the way, here are some helpful bathing tips:

  • Ensure the bath is warm and fill it with a lot of water
  • Hold the baby’s head on your arm at all times and swoosh back and forwards
  • Clean the chord frequently – this doesn’t hurt your baby. Use a wet cotton ball
  • After the bath, wrap your baby nice and tight with their hands inside for the first three months. As babies come from a confined space in mum’s womb, they feel comfortable when they’re wrapped up

For more information you can visit the Women’s and Newborn Health website: