Adorable puppy visits Westmead Hospital patients for cuddles

Westmead Hospital’s furry visitor from Delta Therapy Dogs. Pictured: Julie McMaster from with patient Barbara Bain.

Miniature schnauzer Rosie has cruised through Westmead Hospital wards today, putting a smile on staff and patients’ faces.

The pooch visited patients in the hospital’s palliative care and adolescent areas, courtesy of Delta Therapy Dogs.

Delta Therapy Dogs is the largest organisation of its kind in Australia, with 1,000 volunteers taking their dogs to healthcare facilities to provide some much-needed pet therapy.

Patient with cancer Barbara Bain said she loved the surprise visit. Barbara is in hospital receiving treatment for breast cancer that has travelled to her brain.

Nurse Kelani Finau, Julie McMaster from Delta Therapy Dogs, nurse Reesa Lim and Dr Laxmi Vasireddi with Rosie.

“I’ve always loved dogs,” Barbara said.

“I’ve got terrible aches and pains from my cancer so I’m going to be transferred to Mount Druitt so they can get me more mobile, so at the moment, I need all the help I can get.

“I’d love to keep Rosie on my bed for the rest of the day to keep me company.”

Julie McMaster from Delta Therapy Dogs with patient Barbara Bain.

Palliative care volunteer manager Kylie Clark said Rosie’s visit was a great way to lift patients’ spirits.

“Having dogs visit patients bring an element of home for them,” Kylie said.

Julie McMaster said Rosie is now visiting Westmead Hospital patients every second Tuesday, bringing cuddles and joy to staff and patients.

Nurse Reesa Lim treats Rosie.

“It brings some of patients’ everyday life back, as well as bringing joy and happiness to both patients and staff.”