New tech to help junior doctors learn how to save lives

Simulation trainer Nathan Moore and intensive care unit staff Associate Professor Vineet Nayyar, Dr Hemal Vachharajani and Dr Alex Yartsev.

New training gear donated to Westmead Hospital’s intensive care service will help junior doctors learn how to save lives.

New simulation equipment worth $10,000 was purchased thanks to a Westmead Hospital Foundation fundraiser organised by the family of a former ICU patient Bronko (surname withheld).

Simulation allows trainees to practice in a simulated learning environment, offering a realistic training experience.

The equipment will ensure doctors-in-training are able to respond to high stakes scenarios, such as a patient experiencing a cardiac arrest.

Intensive care clinician Dr Alex Yartsev said simulation is an important part of medical education.

Westmead ICU are testing new simultation equipment that has been donated to the unit to imrpove their training. Smulation trainer Nathan Moore and ICU staff Ass Prof Vineet Nayyar, Dr Hemal Vachharajani, Rhonda Mallows, Dr Alex Yartsev.

“Along with teaching junior doctors and medical students how to resuscitate patients, it also teaches them how to act as team leaders and manage a crisis situation when a patient is severely ill or dying,” Dr Yartsev said.

“The equipment is designed to run through many patient scenarios, regularly and over multiple occasions, so when it happens for real, our staff are well prepared.”

Westmead Hospital Foundation director Joe Conneely thanked the family for supporting the Westmead Hospital Foundation.  

“Thank you to Bronko’s family members Van and Lucy for raising funds for the ICU. Bronko was treated at Westmead Hospital recently and his family and friends made the generous donations that enabled the purchase of the equipment.”

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