Junior doctor roles up for grabs: apply now

Blacktown Hospital junior medical officers Dennis Goudie, Alvina Ng and Bashar Alani.

Are you a junior doctor hoping to join Western Sydney Local Health District, one of the largest and technologically advanced research and medical institutions in the southern hemisphere?

If so, here’s your chance. NSW Health has launched its annual junior medical officer (JMO) recruitment campaign to encourage the future generation of doctors to join local health districts.

Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) medical services executive director Dr Emma McCahon started working as a JMO in NSW public hospitals and has been a practising paediatrician for 15 years.

“Helping people is something I am passionate about. I love being a doctor because I can contribute to the community and share my knowledge and experience with my colleagues or peers,” Dr McCahon said.

“WSLHD employs more than 1,370 medical staff, with many of them starting their careers at one of our facilities and still remain to this day.

“Medical advancements have developed over time with the introduction of modern technology, research and discovery.

“It’s the next generation of doctors who will take us into the future and shape what lies ahead. It’s never been a more exciting time to work in healthcare than now.”

Westmead Hospital resident medical officer Kerry Chen has worked at Westmead Hospital for two years and is enjoying being part of the respiratory team.  

She grew up in Western Sydney and is passionate about being a doctor.

“Westmead Hospital attracts some of most hard-working and selfless health professionals around NSW – this is a health district that provides many subspecialty services to a patient population from diverse social and cultural backgrounds with complex care needs,” Kerry said.

“The people at Westmead Hospital are down-to-earth and committed to serving their community. We need great doctors who care about learning and while I’m still very early on in my training, I’m really excited to see how Westmead will continue to change in the future.”

Positions for the 2020 clinical year are advertised until 7 August 2019.

More information is available here. To apply for NSW Health junior medical officer position click here