New face of WentWest ready to build a healthier western Sydney

Ray Messom is WentWest’s new chief executive officer.

WentWest’s newly appointed chief executive officer Ray Messom is ready to take on his new role head-on, in an effort to improve the health of local residents.  

Also known as the Western Sydney Primary Health Network (WSPHN), WentWest works with local healthcare organisations to deliver support and education to general practitioners.

Ray said he has always admired the work of WentWest.

“WentWest is a great organisation with a clear vision to help build healthier communities, empower people and lead change reform across the sector,” Ray said.

“I’m proud to be taking up this leadership role with such a dedicated and passionate team and I’m determined to build and expand on the great work done by previous CEO Walter Kmet and the WentWest team.”

Enhancing the partnership with WSLHD is high on Ray’s agenda. 

“WentWest’s strong partnership with WSLHD is greatly valued and vital to achieving its vision,” Ray said.

“I hope to work closely with WSLHD to realise our mutual health care aims.”

In his former role working in the NSW Ministry of Health’s System Information and Analytics Branch, Ray brings expertise in health and business economics, health system performance, informatics and analytics.

Having also worked in academia, as well as commercial and public settings, Ray has managed large Pricewaterhouse Coopers business programs and the monitoring of NSW Local Health District purchasing and performance functions.

Ray has been involved in collaborative work with primary health networks including refinement of needs assessment processes, eHealth programs, integrated care rollouts and progression of the NSW data linkage project.

WSLHD chief executive Graeme Loy welcomed Ray to his leadership role. 

“The WSLHD and WSPHN have a long-standing partnership alliance working together on a range of shared programs and initiatives,” Graeme said.

“Programs have targeted vulnerable communities, child and family health, older persons, Aboriginal health and mental health.

“I welcome Ray Messom to the role as head of WentWest and look forward to working with him to grow our partnership and improve the health outcomes of our local residents.”

The partnership between WSLHD and the WSPHN is formalised by the Western Sydney Health Partnership Advisory Council which includes board chairs, chief executives and senior staff of WSLHD, WSPHN and the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network.

To find out more about the WSPHN, please visit the WentWest website at .