Young heroes give toys to sick kids

Mount Druitt Hospital patient Taitum was stoked with his new toys courtesy of brothers Parker and Fletcher.

Two young boys aged seven and five have selflessly handed out new toys to sick kids in the Children’s Ward at Mount Druitt Hospital.

Beautiful brothers Parker and Fletcher said they were inspired by a video of superheroes cleaning windows at a hospital in the USA.

Pulling a trolley full of dolls, cars, trucks, board games and soft plush toys, the boys surprised the young patients aged between six months to eight years with the unexpected gifts.

The toys have more than just a feelgood factor. Mount Druitt Hospital play therapist Eleanor Inskip said playing is an essential part of recovery for young patients.

The boys also had age-appropriate gifts for younger patients including Tiarn.

“The excitement and care felt by the patients spreads beyond just receiving a gift, it provides a chance for the patients to play with something of their own and allows them to take away something positive from a not so positive experience,” Eleanor said.

Mount Druitt Hospital nurse unit manager Kate Lowe said the hospital was very grateful to young Parker and Fletcher for their gifts.

“Most children if they were tempted with all these toys, would want to keep them.  Not these two! Their generosity and kind-hearted nature is something we cherish and appreciate,” Kate said.

The boys got help from their aunt Tammy Medhurst, who runs a charity called Second Chance Toys NSW.

Tammy said she was very proud of her nephews when they excitedly came to her with their plan.

“I thought this was a beautiful idea and I always encourage adventure and dreams,” Tammy said.

“The staff at Mount Druitt Hospital were very appreciative of the donation and gave the boys a special tour of the hospital.”

Do you want to donate to Mount Druitt Hospital? Contact the Office of the General Manager on 9881 8000 or via email