Blacktown Hospital welcomes emergency department of the future

First patient Tabbetha Senior makes history as the first patient to be treated at Blacktown Hospital’s new emergency department.

Blacktown Hospital staff are celebrating the relocation of its emergency department (ED) to a brand new home, and the first patients to experience the new service have given it a big tick of approval.

The ED, part of the NSW Government’s $700 million Blacktown and Mount Druitt hospitals’ expansion project, has taken five years of careful planning and a complete design rethink to become one of the most advanced in the state.

First patient Tabbetha Senior, walked in the new department unaware that she had made history.

Take a look inside the emergency department!

“I’ve never been to hospital before but I’ve had a good impression walking into this facility,” Tabbetha said.

“As soon as I walked in I got a wheelchair which was great. It’s overwhelming being in hospital but great to know I was being looked after, everything was on point.

“I’m being treated for two fractures in my leg – I’m hoping the doctors give me a moon boot instead of surgery.

“For people like myself, who have had an accident and requiring treatment … to be treated like that with dignity – I think that’s great.”

Emergency department staff conduct their last meeting in the old area.

Acute medicine nurse manager Camille Dooley said patients will notice the difference in the new ED as soon they walk through the door.

“Staff told us they wanted a mobile approach to triage, to be with their patients and have a different level of interaction and relationship from the start of their journey,” Camille said.

“I hope we’ve been able deliver an environment in which patients, their families and loved ones feel safe and comfortable to seek help.”

The new ED includes a spacious new waiting area and reception, facilities for resuscitation, acute care, urgent care, and short stay, bedside imaging, and a separate entry with drop-off at the door and dedicated parking.

A dedicated unit for patients with mental health emergencies is also located in the same zone.

First patient Tabbetha receives a knitted blanket from Blacktown Hospital acting general manager Ned Katrib, courtesy of hospital volunteers as a momento for making history in the new department.

Nurse unit manager Erica Wilde was on duty this morning as the first ambulance arrived into the new ambulance bay.

“It’s always nice to have new equipment and have an environment which supports staff to show off their skills, but at the end of the day what we all want is to provide the best care to patients, and this unit allows us to do that,” Erica said.

For the director of emergency medicine, Associate Professor Reza Ali, it’s the start of a transition to the hospital of the future.

“We will be providing the best possible service, but taking it up a notch with the new facilities and space to expand in the future,” he said.

Staff farewell the old emergency department before relocating to the new one.

With services set to transfer in a matter of days, Reza was also keen to remind people about the role of their local emergency department, especially with the winter peak now in full swing.

“Emergency departments are for patients who are critically ill, or who can’t be managed by a GP or an outpatient clinic,” Reza said.

“I can’t reiterate strongly enough that emergency departments are for emergencies, but if you are not sure what to do please call 000 and they can guide your through the process.”

The new vehicle entry for the new ED is off Marcel Crescent. Drop-off, entry and parking area are signposted – just follow the directions.

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