Health staff put their feet up

Orderly supervisor Steven Morris gets the ‘low-down’ on patient beds from Stryker’s Malori Paplow.

Scores of district employees have been dreaming of the future while they lounge around this week.

The Westmead Redevelopment prototype rooms were open this week for a unique opportunity to test drive the beds, recliners, trauma trolley beds and carers day beds that may end up in the new Central Acute Services Building (CASB).

Everyone from doctors and nurses to cleaners and wards staff had the chance to share their perspective on which products were up to scratch.

Furniture, fixtures and equipment project director Leanne Creighton said she now has plenty of feedback to work with, including from consumers and carers.

“It’s been great to get a lot of different perspectives on the furniture, not just from a clinical point of view but from people who might be in the bed or visiting a loved one,” Leanne said.

“For years this has just been plans on paper, so it’s really exciting this year to see the buildings going up and now check out the equipment that will be going in.”

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