Rocker rides buggy to help people get around

Westmead Hospital volunteer and self-confessed ‘rocker’ Christopher Maxwell transports people around in the buggy.

Guitarist, novelist and businessman Christopher Maxwell somehow finds time in his busy schedule to volunteer at Westmead Hospital.

The talented musician has travelled hundreds of kilometres in the hospital over the years, driving patients, visitors and staff to and from their destinations in the buggy transport service.

Heavily influenced by well-known superstar artists like Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and Roy Orbison, Chris is passionate about playing guitar among other creative pursuits.

“I’m working with a percussionist friend to produce an album, which we hope to have recorded in a studio and uploaded to YouTube for people to enjoy,” he said.

“I also run a lawn mowing business, and I’m in the middle of writing a novel about the trials and tribulations of my school years.”

The Parramatta local says he encourages more people to volunteer at Westmead.   

“The hospital is always looking for volunteers to assist with the buggy transport, fundraising and helping within the wards”, Chris said.

“I enjoy working here and helping people. It makes me feel like I’ve achieved something wonderful driving people around as well as getting to speak with them about their day.”

The buggies were introduced to Westmead Hospital in 2017 to assist people with mobility difficulties to access the various wards, clinics and services within the hospital.

They run from designated stations throughout the hospital, located at the main entrance, dental building, private consulting rooms, and within various hospital blocks.

Passengers are encouraged to request this service by using the black phones at each station at the hospital.

Two buggy drivers are rostered on during business hours and they operate between 8am – 4pm on week days.

For further information about volunteering at Westmead Hospital call 8890 6454.