Falafel, kebabs and knafeh: Westmead dishes up Eid feast

Staff enjoy the Eid feast.

Staff enjoyed an array of traditional, flavourful food at an Eid Al-Adha morning tea at Westmead Hospital yesterday.

Eid Al-Adha is an annual celebration to coincide with the Hajj pilgrimage, a pillar of Islam that occurs once a year in Saudi Arabia.

The morning tea was a first for Westmead employees to celebrate the second of the two great Muslim Eids, which is an Arabic word meaning feast or festival.

The event was organised by three ladies with a shared mission and religion – Afrah Fazli, Hamida Ali and Faiza Wajahat.

Afrah, EA to the director of Corporate Communications, said she wanted the celebration to be as memorable as possible.

What a spread!

“The event was an opportunity to uplift staff engagement and was in recognition of a significant religious and cultural practice of a large cohort of staff across the district,” Afrah said.

“Eid is a celebration where we are sharing, giving, showing unity and spreading peace, love, compassion and mercy towards others.”

Westmead Hospital coordinating chaplain Kate Thornley said she thoroughly enjoyed the variety of food including shish kebabs, Sri Lankan fish cutlets, Lebanese falafel, zataar (oregano pizza), Indian curry puffs, knafeh (cheese dessert) and even Aussie lamingtons.

“It’s always a blessing to be invited to the Islamic events in our multi-faith hospital environment. The hospitality is always impressive,” Kate said.

Group shot of the Eid celebrations.

Westmead and Auburn Hospitals general manager Brett Thompson said the event was a great way to rejoice the multiculturalism present in Western Sydney Local Health District.

“Events such as this are very important and we need to celebrate them and learn more about one another’s culture,” Brett said.