Rocking around the cancer ward: 88-year-old patient puts on a mini concert

Edward Kremmer is a beacon of positivity at Westmead Hospital.

An 88-year-old Westmead Hospital cancer patient who wears bright coloured suits to his hospital appointments has been belting out some tunes, putting a smile on staff and patients’ faces.

Edward Kremmer has demonstrated the power of positivity despite a cancer diagnosis, humming or singing for people during his chemotherapy treatments.

“My cancer has never stopped me doing what I love,” Edward said.

“I regularly dance at seniors rock and roll events and I sing every month at the Toongabbie bowling club.”

The Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre Westmead patient said he valued living life to the fullest, despite being diagnosed with multiple myeloma a few years ago.

Myeloma is a type of cancer that affects plasma (white blood) cells in a person’s bone marrow. It is often called multiple myeloma as most people have multiple cancer lesions at the time of diagnosis.

White blood cells help fight infection and bone marrow is found in various areas of the body such as the spine, skull, shoulders, rib and pelvis.

Edward’s condition is mostly incurable, however it is manageable, allowing him to keep living life the way he wants to.

These days, Edward can be found with his friends at bingo or singing some of his favourite songs to anyone who wants to hear them.

Westmead Hospital’s Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre staff have applauded Edward’s love for singing and vibrant personality.

“There was one morning when he was in getting his treatment, and he must have sung four songs in a row. It was like a small concert,” acting nursing unit manager Heather Mackay said.

“He always comes to hospital so well dressed. Today he is quite tame in his maroon suit, but he often comes in bright colours like pink.”

Edward was blessed with two children and two grandchildren, saying he is very proud of the family he created.

Edward continues to have to have big hopes for his singing career and tick items off his bucket list – showing no signs of stopping any time soon.

“I love to sing and to sing for people. I was going to apply for Australia’s Got Talent but missed the application date. I was going to sing ‘Rock Around the Clock’ in my pink suit,” Edward said.

“If there is another season, who knows what will happen.”