Fresh ideas abound for new Western Sydney Local Health District Clinical Council

Western Sydney Local Health District’s Clinical Council. For a full list of Clinical Council representatives scroll to the bottom of this article.

It’s full-steam-ahead for the new Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) Clinical Council and with a team of 26 passionate members, the sky’s the limit when it comes to healthcare improvements.

The WSLHD Clinical Council was established by the chief executive Graeme Loy in May 2019, to provide advice on clinical matters affecting the District.

Blacktown and Westmead hospital emergency staff specialist, Farnaz Omidi, is one such member who has a passion for bettering the experience of both staff and patients who work at and visit our facilities.

With her passion for emergency care, Dr Omidi is keen to use her operational insights to improve workforce culture and patient outcomes.

“I fell in love with the rapid pace of emergency medicine – the mix of patients and the hands-on nature of the role – it ticks all the boxes for me,” Dr Omidi said.

Blacktown and Westmead hospital emergency staff specialist, Farnaz Omidi.

Dr Omidi is also a keen advocate for anti-bullying and her vision is to improve the workplace culture across WSLHD as well as equal opportunity for all staff.

She also has her vision set on bridging the gap between the LHD executive and staff, to ensure everyone in the organisation has a voice. 

“I feel privileged to be a member of the Clinical Council and I hope to use my experience to influence change in the organisation, so that everyone who works here feels like they’re making a difference and they matter,” said Dr Omidi.

“We’re all different organs of one body and if one organ doesn’t function properly it affects the whole body. If we’re lacking in one area, everyone should be concerned.

“We’re all working to achieve the same goals and if we all commit to improving our own individual work and conversations, we will inevitably achieve better outcomes, better performance and better patient care.”

Co-chaired by WSLHD chief executive Graeme Loy and Westmead surgeon, Prof Michael Hollands, the Clinical Council is made up of members from all hospitals across the district.

Members include doctors, nurses, junior medical officers, professionals from allied health, and a consumer representative.

WSLHD Clinical Council chair Professor Michael Hollands said there is a lot of work to be done and the team is ready to take it on.

“So far, during the monthly meetings, the Council have been providing advice to the Board and chief executive on how health services at WSLHD might best be organised,” Prof Michael Hollands said.

“In terms of forward plans, we anticipate also providing advice on workforce and service planning, priorities and potential solutions to improve quality, safety and standards of care.”

Western Sydney Local Health District Clinical Council

WSLHD Integrated and Community Health registered nurse, integrated care program care facilitator Nicola Cherry

Westmead Hospital senior staff specialist, head Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine Dr Mark Priestley

Cumberland Hospital Dept of Medical Psychology PsyBA approved supervisor, NSW Leadership Program clinical psychologist / unit lead, Emotional Health Clinic and Research Unit Clodagh Ross-Hamid

Westmead Hospital director Department of Nuclear Med Dr David Farlow

Auburn Hospital head Anaesthetic Department Dr Alpha Tung

Cumberland Hospital head Occupational Therapy Department registered occupational therapist, Omila Bir

BMDH Emergency and Critical Care Medicine Pharmacy lead, pharmacist Stuart Binns

BMDH (Western Sydney University) chair of Medicine; BMDH Westmead Hospital, The Westmead Institute senior clinical academic, Gastroenterology/Hepatology Professor Golo Ahlenstiel

Auburn Hospital nursing administration, after hours nurse manager Kristina Roberts

BMDH ED staff specialist Dr Farnaz Omidi

WSLHD chief executive Graeme Loy (Co-Chair)

WSLHD Perinatal, Child Youth Mental Health Services clinical director, Dr Ashwini Padhi

WSLHD Medical Services executive director, Dr Emma McCahon

WSLHD department of surgery, senior staff surgeon Associate Professor Michael Hollands (Co-Chair)

Westmead Hospital Intensive Care Unitresident medical officer Dr Kerry Chen

WSLHD executive director operations Adjunct Associate Professor Robynne Cooke

WSLHD director Centre for Population Health Associate Professor Stephen Corbett

BMDH Westmead Hospital director Cancer Services, Clinical Haematologist Dr Helen Crowther

BMDH Acute Medicine director Divisional Medical, VMO Geriatric Medicine Dr Michael Datyner

WSLHD consumer representative Amal Etri

Westmead Hospital head Infectious Diseases department, senior staff specialist Dr Nicky Gilroy

Westmead & Auburn hospitals department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery VMO Dr Thomas Lam

WSLHD Integrated and Community Health, director western Sydney Diabetes; senior staff specialist Endocrinology Dr Glen Maberly

BMDH Allied Health, senior podiatrist Clare McGloin

Westmead Hospital ED, emergency medicine advanced trainee Dr James Tadros

WSLHD consumer representative Maryam Zahid