What matters most to our patients

WSLHD staff who attended the Leading Better Valued Care program launch.

The key concerns of patients and families will always be the centre of care at Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) thanks to a flagship healthcare program called Leading Better Value Care (LBVC).

WSLHD has 21 teams working on 13 LBVC initiatives across the district including improving access, care and quality of life for patients with chronic diseases including diabetes, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, kidney diseases, respiratory issues, rehabilitation services, wound management and chronic heart diseases.

WSLHD Leading Better Value Care program manager Faiza Wajahat said to help our staff understand what LBVC is and how to implement this in their daily roles and workplaces – a how-to for staff forum was held.

“Value-based healthcare means to measure what matters to patients rather than data crunching bed and staffing numbers,” Faiza said.

“Staff gained an understanding on why measuring what matters to patients is necessary to improve the patient outcomes, the way they receive care while in hospital and for the clinicians who provide that care.

“Thank you to the clinicians who attended in particular – Westmead Hospitals Renal Supportive Care clinical lead Dr Michael Noel and Geriatrics clinical lead Dr Lina Lee, respiratory medicine clinical nurse consultant Mary Roberts and Blacktown Hospitals Diabetes and Endocrinology head Dr Tien Ming-Hng.

“We need to stop just asking our patients ‘what’s the matter with you?’ and start asking ‘what matters to you?’”

The forum gave patients the opportunity to share their stories through interviews, café chats and participated in a panel discussion on how other hospitals have successfully responded to similar challenges.

For further information about the Leading Better Value Care program contact Faiza Wajahat Faiza.Wajahat@health.nsw.gov.au