One Born Every Minute premieres tonight!

Break out the popcorn and tissues – the first episode of One Born Every Minute Australia is hitting Australian screens at 8.30pm tonight on Channel 10.

Filmed exclusively at Westmead Hospital, this fly-on-the-wall series follows the journey of expectant mothers, their families and the midwives of one of Australia’s busiest birth units.

“Once I started working as a midwife I understood the life force of what mums are,” Westmead midwife Natascha Dastur said.

“Mothers should not have preconceived notions about what other people think you need to be like. They need to go in there and make their own story.

“Above everything you are carrying this beautiful, real life baby in there. Sometimes it’s such an intense trip that we can forget what it’s for.”

Akaysha Weatherall, one of the mothers on the show, comes into trouble when baby Heath does a poo in the womb. Their roller-coaster experience captures all the drama and relief of the show.

From the hospital beds, operating theatres and reception desks, witness the life-changing moments of more than 20 expectant mothers as they go through the truths and triumphs of childbirth.

There will be witty quips from partners, tear jerking moments, feasting and lots of celebration. This series will have you reaching for the tissues and begging for more.

One Born Every Minute Australia Premieres tonight, October 22 at 8.30pm, only on Channel 10. If you miss it live then stream it for a limited time at

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