Trifecta of awards for Auburn Hospital’s war on waste

Auburn Hospital’s general service leading hand Roseanne Smith, project brain child Alex Roberts and leading hand Helen Sala (Itor) receive the certificates for Auburn Hospital at the Keep Australia Beautiful NSW Sustainable Cities awards.

Two recycling projects at Auburn Hospital have won three honours at this year’s Keep Australia Beautiful NSW Sustainable Cities awards.

The awards are held annually to recognise projects around litter, waste management and recycling, in the hope of inspiring communities to make a lasting contribution to their local area.

The hospital projects were awarded for innovation and leadership in the pursuit of sustainable practices at the hospital, whilst at the same time raising funds for patient care and important charitable organisations.

The hospital’s Cans for Kids initiative was awarded at the event, a project which saw general services staff recycling plastic bowls, cans, bottles, clothing and more.

The project recycled the cans at Parramatta Scrap Metal who turned the aluminum cans into cash for the Save The Children fund, helping underprivileged children in other countries.

The project won the Return & Earn Litter Prevention award. Another Auburn Hospital project secured the Waste Less & Recycle More award for the Thinning the Bins initiative, which was introduced in 2017.

General services staff recycled things like kidney dishes, Kimguard (non-absorbent material for wrapping sterile operating packs) are more, reusing them for preschools, animal sanctuaries, horticultural societies and mechanics workshops, with some items imported to other countries.

The third award was an individual recognition of Alex Roberts, the young brain child of both projects. Alex is the son of Kristina Roberts, an after hours nurse at Auburn Hospital.

“Since these projects were launched we have wards at both Auburn and Westmead hospitals recycling items to raise funds that are improving patient care,” Kristina said.

“We’re also recycling beds, old medical equipment, trolleys, pieces of furniture and have partnered with a non-for-profit organisation called MedEarth who send discarded supplies to Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea, Democratic Republic of Congo and the Solomon’s.”

It’s not the first time these Auburn Hospital sustainability projects have been recognised with awards. The projects have won honours at Western Sydney Local Health District’s Quality Awards, Cumberland Council’s Australia Day awards and they were also a finalist in the NSW Government’s Green Globe Awards.

WSLHD chief executive Graeme Loy congratulated Auburn Hospital’s general services staff, as well as Alex Roberts, for their innovative and sustainable work.

“Our waste warriors are leading by example,” Graeme said.

“Thinking in a sustainable way should be a normal part of what we do.

“Thank you to our dedicated group of people who are working together to do their bit to help save the environment.

“Congratulations on your awards, you are making Western Sydney Local Health District proud.”