Spoiler alert: One Born Every Minute, episode one

Westmead Hospital hosted a private viewing party, giving the show’s real-life stars an exclusive screening of the first episode a few hours before broadcast.

From the heartache of infertility and cancer to the joy of a fifth child and the drama of water birth, the first Australian episode of One Born Every Minute caused an outpouring of emotion around the country.

Did you miss it? The good news is you can catch up now at 10play.com.au, but if you really can’t wait to get home – or maybe just want to emotionally prepare yourself – then read on for the full recap of episode one!

In Australia, each new year delivers over 300,000 new lives. In the busy birth unit at Westmead Hospital, the midwives see it all, from beautiful natural births, to high risk births and  unexpected emergencies.

Now in an Australian first, One Born Every Minute has unprecedented access to the unit, with 60 high tech cameras, rolling 24/7, capturing every life changing moment of the miracle of birth.

GALLERY: One Born Every Minute Premiere at Westmead Hospital

In the first episode we meet Morgan and Javeus, just 21 and 24 years old respectively. Their pregnancy was unplanned, and in the beginning they both felt nervous about becoming parents so young, but they are now very excited to be welcoming a daughter into their family. Supporting them in the birth suite is Morgan’s mother Neridah and her grandmother Joan who was also present at Morgan’s birth. Joan is excited to meet her great-granddaughter and have four generations of the family in one room.

Morgan and Javeus

Morgan has opted for a drug free labour and wants to have a water birth. As her labour progresses and the contractions intensify, she is surprised by the level of pain but soldiers on with Javeus’ support and transitions into the bath where the water does help ease her pain. When the baby arrives, both the parents are overcome with emotion and decide to honour previous generations of women in their family by combining their names, and calling their daughter Neriella Joanusteen.

Morgan and Javeus at Westmead Hospital.

Meanwhile for Joan and Frank, they’re definitely no strangers to parenthood: they already have four children and are here for the delivery of their fifth child, Luna. Joan and Frank have been together for 15 years, and during five pregnancies Frank has had plenty of time to get used to his wife’s mood changes.

Joan and Frank

Having already had four labours, Joan knows what to expect from birth and Frank knows just what to say to help. However, when Joan’s contractions progress quicker than expected, and Luna is born very quickly, the midwives have to act fast to make sure she takes her first breath. After giving everyone a nasty surprise, Luna cries and Joan is delighted to welcome her fifth child to the family.

Love birds Chris and Maya.

For Chris and Maya, getting pregnant was not an easy journey. After trying a few rounds of IUI, they fell pregnant on their first IVF cycle. But their joy was short-lived when Chris was diagnosed with liver cancer, and then they discovered that their unborn baby, Ruby, has a heart condition.

Maya’s caesarean section underway at Westmead Hospital.

A liver resection has put Chris’ cancer at bay, but the couple are waiting nervously for their baby to be born to find out her prognosis. After seven hours of labour, Ruby’s heart rate drops and the decision is made for her to be delivered by Caesarean section. When Maya and Chris finally meet their longed-for child, it’s emotional for everyone. Happily, Ruby’s prognosis is good and the outlook for her future is positive.

Maya, Ruby and Chris at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead

Don’t miss the next episode on Tuesday, October 29 exclusively on Channel 10. To support Women’s and Newborn Health at Westmead Hospital contact info@westmeadhf.org.au or text BABIES to 0473 000 111.