Spoiler alert: One Born Every Minute, episode four

The first baby in this episode is born still inside the gestational sac.

No two days are the same in Westmead Hospital’s Birth Unit, but some days you get some especially unique – like in episode four of One Born Every Minute.

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Midwife Courtney has the experience of a lifetime when she births a baby born inside its gestational sack. It’s a one in 80,000 event and she shares this moment with couple Bulbul and Ramen during the birth of their second child.

Lauren and Kirrin prepare for their third child.

Lauren and Kirrin have been together since they were 18. They started their family only a few months after meeting and have come to the Birth Unit to induce their third son.

Lauren has had a challenging pregnancy and developed pre-eclampsia, a condition unique to pregnancy. The condition can cause harm to both baby and mother and the only way to cure it is to have the baby. 

The condition plays on Lauren’s mind as she’s heard pre-eclampsia can make labour very quick, but she is determined to try and have a natural birth. Her labour comes on quick and fast and she and husband Kirrin have baby Noah in their arms in two hours.

Thomas and Allara are an unlikely couple.

Allara and Thomas met in high school, where she was the teacher’s pet and he was a rebel. After school their love blossomed, and the pair are now expecting the child they didn’t know they could have.

Allara has battled a metabolic condition called glycogen storage disease since she was a baby. The condition renders her body unable to process energy, and doctors were concerned that her condition would affect her ability to carry a baby to full term.

Complications during labour means Allara needs a c-section.

But against all odds, she’s carried their first baby to term and dad-to-be Tom couldn’t be happier.

Midwives Marika and Frank guide the couple through their induction, but things take a turn when the baby’s heart rate drops. With her labour not progressing the decision is made for Allara to have a caesarean section.

Thomas is her rock and the couple birth a beautiful baby boy named Ashton.

Midwife Sophie with Jolly and Jasmin.

Loveable couple Jasmin and Jolly were childhood family friends who fell head over heels for one another when they reconnected as adults. 11 years and a big Indian wedding later, they are preparing to have their first child.

Mum Jolly was working right up until her due date and couldn’t attend prenatal classes, so she turned to YouTube to get ready for labour.

Midwife Sophie picks up on this quickly and gets the couple prepared for what ends up being a marathon 48-hour labour.

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Loveable couple Jasmin and Jolly welcome their bub.