Nurses’ emotional reunion with miracle baby

Westmead Hospital NICU staff celebrate Mango’s 1st birthday.

He was born on 31 October 2018 seven weeks premature, weighing as much as a small cauliflower and could fit in the palm of your hand.

Baby Spandan Debnath and his family have now returned to Westmead Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to celebrate his first birthday and thank staff for the care they provided.

Spandan, who is affectionately nicknamed ‘Mango’ by his parents, required ventilation and respiratory support for a week after birth. 

Spandan celebrates his first birthday in the NICU with his parents Gargi and Shil.

Nursing unit manager Robyn Schmid said that tiny Mango had to be fed through a tube and was gradually introduced to breast feeding.

“More and more parents are bringing back their tiny tots to show us how they have grown and how gorgeous they are one year on,” Robyn said.

“Each premmie baby leaves a lasting impression on the doctors and nurses – we never forget their struggle when they are first born and arrive with us.

“It’s so lovely that they come back to see us. Many of us are mums or dads and it’s so rewarding and satisfying seeing how healthy and happy the families are.

“We welcome all our premmie babies back to celebrate their birthdays with us.”

Adorable Spandan is doing well now after a tough start to life.

Mango’s parents Gargi Bhattacharya and Shil Debnath said the 24/7 care from the nurses and doctors was unparalleled.

“As parents we didn’t think we would be given that level of support for Mango. We are eternally grateful for the care he received,” Shil said.

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