Newborn care gets down to The Git Up

The NICU courtyard is just one of many filming locations for the epic Git Up challenge.

Get on your cowboy boots and tap along to the Westmead Hospital neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) staff as you’ve never seen them before!

The staff donned their finest line dancing outfits for their incredible rendition of the viral smash hit The Git Up, busting out some truly impressive moves all around the hospital.

NICU nurse Stephanie Cashmere arranged the video for the Women’s and Newborn Health Christmas party, which involved two weeks of filming after teaching the moves to about 100 of her colleagues including doctors, nurses, clerks and cleaners.

“Our work can be quite serious, so it definitely boosted morale to have everyone come together in their own time and work on something that was so much fun,” Stephanie said.

“I think it also helps the parents to see that we all respect each other and work well together here. Once you see how much effort we put into a dance then you can appreciate how much more effort we put into caring for our patients.”

Look out for Dr Vinayak Kodur in the brown jacket, who may have missed his calling as the next country music star!

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