Swap screens for scenes this school holiday in Sydney’s biggest backyard

Bungarribee Park in the Blacktown area of Western Sydney Parklands has plenty to keep kids active and occupied.

Forget the video games and movies — the best memories of school holidays are made outdoors exploring our amazing country.

Luckily, it’s never been easier for Western Sydney locals to have family fun right on their doorstep.

Western Sydney Parklands has an extensive network of tracks and trails that offers endless walking, running and cycling opportunities.

Free to use, the tracks are a convenient way to keep kids active, while enjoying nature and staying happy and healthy over the holidays.

And since spending time in nature and green spaces has a positive impact on our mental wellbeing, it’s worth trying to schedule some outdoor activities over the break.

Bungarribee Park has had shades installed so kids can safely enjoy the outdoors even in the middle of summer.

So how can you Get Back On Track + have a fun-filled break?

There are a few, simple and effective ways to ensure that both kids and parents have a school holiday to remember and that everyone gets the active rest and mental recuperation that they need.

  1. Swap screens for scenes! Screens are addictive and while it’s an easy way for kids to keep themselves occupied, it isn’t the healthiest. Have a daily digital detox hour and get back outdoors in a place where wildlife is the only distraction. Nature has a calming effect on the body so get outside and get yourself some free “ecotherapy” that will have a positive impact not only your physical health but on your overall happiness too.
  2. Take a bike ride – There’s a lot of fun to be had cycling your way around Western Sydney Parkland’s tracks and trails. Try the Bungarribee Trail (4-6km) or the Binyang Matta Trail (6.7km), both of which are located in the Blacktown area of Western Sydney Parklands. Kids are less likely to get bored cycling, and it’s a form of “hidden exercise” so bring your bikes and don’t forget your helmets.
  3. Schedule a weekly family challenge – Spend time with your family and in nature all at once by setting a weekly outdoors challenge. Why not try and complete one new track or trail a week? Let kids choose their own adventure, and don’t forget to print off Western Sydney Parklands’ downloadable maps so they can lead the way too.
  4. Plan a picnic or party in the park – The Parklands has some fantastic facilities including easy-to-access picnic shelters. The vast open space means there’s more than enough room for big groups to come together; plus there are plenty of award-winning playgrounds within Western Sydney Parklands too.
  5. Layer on special activities – From Raging Waters Sydney to the new Sydney Zoo, Sydney’s Biggest Backyard really is a place filled with adventure. There’s plenty to do, so plan a weekend walk one day and a memorable experience the next.
The 50-metre flying fox is a major attraction in Bungarribee Park.

Get to know all the Western Sydney Parklands’ Tracks & Trails:

Western Sydney Parklands stretches across Blacktown, Liverpool and Fairfield, with each area featuring a selection of walks, picnic shelters, barbecue stations and playgrounds. Every area comes with a downloadable, digital map to help you choose the track or trail that’s right for you:

Blacktown Area: In the northern part of the Parklands, the Blacktown Area is home to four tracks and trails that pass through spectacular scenery. Spot local wildlife on the Bungarribee Trail (4.6km), Heart Crossing Loop (2.3km), Binyang Matta Trail (6.7km) and Binyang Matta Short Loop (1.9km) – all are graded easy and are in close proximity to the new Sydney Zoo.

Fairfield Area (Lizard Log and The Dairy): Sitting right in the centre of the Parklands, Fairfield connects Lizard Log with The Dairy. Here you will find some of the longer and more challenging trails including Moonrise Loop (6.2km), Sugarloaf Loop (2km) and Pimelea Loop (1.6km). The Moonrise Lookout also offers one of the most spectacular lookouts of the Sydney City skyline and Calmsley City Farm is a must do for the whole family.

Liverpool Area: Featuring the popular Plough and Harrow Loop (1.6km) and the longer Spotted Gums Trail (3km), the Liverpool Area at the southern end on the Parklands is a family favourite thanks to the near-by action-packed playground. TreeTops Adventure Park is also within the vicinity for those seeking an additional activity.