Original yellow Wiggle thanks Westmead Hospital staff for heart care

The original yellow Wiggle, Greg Page, has thanked Westmead Hospital cardiologist Associate Professor Pramesh Kovoor and other staff for saving his life.

Wiggles showman Greg Page, also known as the original yellow Wiggle, has been discharged from Westmead Hospital today after being treated by the cardiology team.

Greg swapped his trademark yellow skivvy for a hospital gown last week after suffering a heart attack during a bushfire fundraising concert.

The celebrity expressed his gratitude to staff at Westmead Hospital for saving his life.

“When my life took a turn for the worst on Friday night I came here to Westmead Hospital and I want to give a really huge heartfelt thank you to all the staff, doctors, nurses and Professor Kovoor who has helped save my life,” Greg said.

“It has meant so much to me, thank you so much.”

Thumbs up from Greg Page to Westmead Hospital staff.

Westmead Hospital cardiologist Associate Professor Pramesh Kovoor confirmed that Greg is doing very well.

“I appreciate the lovely comments from Greg and it’s a privilege to be in a position to help him,” A/Prof Kovoor said.

“No matter what lifestyle you live you can still be at risk of a heart attack, so please look after your heart.”

If you would like to donate to Westmead Hospital’s cardiology department, please visit westmeadhf.org.au.

For information on how to keep your heart healthy, click here.