New junior doctor continues medical family legacy at Westmead

Westmead Hospital anaesthetist Dr Richard Halliwell, clinical nurse educator (coronary care) Rebecca Halliwell and junior medical officer Dr Emma Halliwell.

New recruit Dr Emma Halliwell is looking forward to starting her career at Westmead Hospital which has an added bonus: she gets to join her dad and twin sister, who already work at the facility.

Emma has fond memories of the hospital from a young age. At just five-years-old, Emma’s father Dr Richard Halliwell would bring Emma and Rebecca to the hospital while he completed his medical rounds.

Emma’s sister Rebecca Halliwell has worked at Westmead Hospital for more than ten years as a coronary care nurse educator and their mother Judy Halliwell also worked at the hospital as a theatre nurse.

Richard Halliwell, who is an anaesthetist, recalls the hospital visits he would organise.

Dr Richard Halliwell and his twin daughters Rebecca and Emma.

“When they were little, I would take them to the nurses’ station and they would scribble on bits of paper. Both are very familiar with these surroundings,” said Dr Halliwell.

Richard is delighted and proud to have his twin girls both working at the same hospital.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for Emma,” Dr Halliwell said.

“She can also give me a lift to work and we can have lunch together.”

Emma’s passion for medicine led her to Westmead.  Although Emma studied Modern European History for her first degree and worked in international policy, she has had a long interest in medicine.

“Medicine was always at the back of my mind,” Emma said.

The family legacy continues at Westmead Hospital with Dr Richard Halliwell, Rebecca and Emma.

“I still enjoy history and politics but I didn’t want to do it forever and after many years working in that field I decided to change career paths.

“I’m excited to be at Westmead with my dad and sister and to be part of the future of healthcare at this world-class facility.”

More than 130 new junior medical officers (JMOs) have embarked on their medical careers at WSLHD.

Westmead and Auburn hospitals welcomed 83 new junior medical officers this week, with 47 joining the ranks at Blacktown and Mount Druitt hospitals.

The State Government guarantees intern positions to all domestic medical graduates of NSW universities, as well as internships for graduates from interstate universities.

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