Vote for your favourite Westmead Redevelopment competition photo

Seals Galapagos Islands’ by Heiko Spallek.

Photographers and the entire arts world have fallen in love with the Westmead Redevelopment photographic competition and now it’s your chance to plant your seal of approval.

The finalists (including `Seals Galapagos Islands’ by Heiko Spallek, shown above) have been hung in an exhibition at Westmead Hospital. Your role is to select the People’s Choice Award from the 26 finalists; voting closes 5pm Sunday 9 February.

You can vote at the exhibition or online. Here’s how:

  • Visit the exhibition in the post office corridor of Westmead Hospital (either vote by clicking on the QR-code from your mobile phone or by filling out a voting card at the exhibition and submitting it in the entry boxes).
  • Or vote online at​

Once the winners (top three plus The People’s Choice Award) are announced at a special presentation at Westmead Connectivity Centre on February 13, all 26 photos will be transported to their new home – spaces in Westmead’s new Central Acute Services Building (CASB).

Almost 800 entries flooded the competition towards the end of last year – and provided judges with a mammoth task to settle on the finalists. 

The quantity and quality ensured a true representation of our vibrant community and diverse cultures, with original and authentic photographs covering all six categories.

The competition, overseen by the Westmead Redevelopment Arts and Culture Committee, was open to the entire community – staff, volunteers, consumers, students and residents.

One of 14 projects in Westmead Redevelopment’s Arts and Culture Strategy, the competition comprises more than $4000 in prizemoney across six categories:

– Black and White – consisting of grey, black and white shades.

– Landscape and Nature – capturing nature, and aiming to create a soothing, calm environment.

– Cultural Landscape – capturing cultural aspects of society.

– Mobile (phone and tablet) – taken with a phone or tablet.

– Student – taken by students.

– Laboratory & Pathology – representing life, blood, science, disease & technology.

Click here to see all 26 finalists in the Westmead Redevelopment Photographic Competition.