Art celebrates colour, energy and diversity of Blacktown Hospital

Muralisto artist Xander with students from Blacktown Girls High school at a workshop.

You can be excused for thinking you’re walking through an art gallery when you arrive at Blacktown Hospital.

Art has been introduced to the facility to uplift visitors and bring smiles and relief to patients.  

Blacktown Mount Druitt Hospitals (BMDH) Expansion Project manager Robyn Campbell said Stage 2 of the project features a comprehensive Arts and Culture Program.

“We are excited to have recently unveiled some of the completed works,” Robyn said.

“Artworks create welcoming places that reduce anxiety and promote health, wellbeing and recovery.  

“The pieces are a collaboration between local artists, students and members of the community.”

One such artwork is the ‘Next Generation’ mural which provides a colourful enhancement to the main Blacktown Hospital car park. 

The ‘Next Generation’ mural in the car park at Blacktown Hospital.

Artists Xander and Zoe, from the social enterprise collective Muralisto, along with students from Blacktown Girls High School, co-designed the mural. 

Students were asked to think about the colours and shapes which come to mind when they heard words such as acceptance, breaking barriers and celebrating uniqueness. 

“Muralisto creates socially engaged public art through community. Our process is inclusive from concept to completion and champions the designing of public spaces with diverse communities in mind,” Xander said.

Zoe said the artists’ work with youth from diverse backgrounds in consultation and workshop to ensure we deliver projects and opportunities that provide new platforms for expression, contribution and empowerment in the public art space.

“We envision a vibrant world where colourful cities encourage human connection and shared spaces are shaped by the stories that inspire future generations, celebrate diversity and empower the individual,” Zoe said.

The ‘Sky by Day’ mosiac at Blacktown Hospital.

Along with the Next Generation artwork, an eye-catching mosaic art entitled, ‘Sky by Day’, accompanied by calming landscaping, has turned the existing ambulance bay into an attractive courtyard – a continuation of the distinctive artwork on display in Hospital Street.

Seats embellished with mosaic tiles, bring the main entry plaza walkway to life, providing a place for respite along the walkway.

Designed by Health and Arts Research Centre (HARC), students from Chifley College Shalvey and Nepalese and Bhutanese refugees, the mosaics were created by artist Malcolm Cooke.

Stunning to look at, but also functional, the artworks will act as strong way-finding references to help guide people from Hospital Street and down toward the foyer.

The artworks provide a place to sit, a place to go when taking a break, or a place to rest when in transit to and from the hospital.  

So next time you’re visiting Blacktown Hospital, take the opportunity to see the works and admire the creativity of our talented local artists, students and residents.

‘Next Generation’ and ‘Sky by Day’, are part of a series of works included in the BMDH Arts and Culture Kaleidoscope Program.

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