Health leaders share vision for care

Western Sydney Primary Health Network and WSLHD representatives meet to plan for the future.

The ultimate goal for residents of Western Sydney is one health system, according to the leaders of the area’s two key health organisations.

The boards and executives of Western Sydney Primary Health Network (WentWest) and Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) met at the end of January to continue their strong relationship and consider future areas for collaboration.

WentWest commissions service providers to address health priorities across the region and supports GPs and other health professionals working privately in the area, while WSLHD is responsible for acute and community based care provided through five public hospitals and seven community health centres.

The two organisations share the belief that every patient should receive the right care in the right place at the right time.

“Collaboration in Western Sydney is already well-embedded in how we operate,” WSLHD chief executive Graeme Loy said.

“A great achievement is the collaborative commissioning framework we are building together to provide the best care to our patients where they need it most, in their communities. This is just one area where we have a common goal and there are many other examples where we work together.”

“Collaboration in Western Sydney is already well-embedded in how we operate,” WSLHD chief executive Graeme Loy said.

WentWest chief executive Ray Messom said it was truly inspiring to have both organisations talking about how primary, community and acute care can best work together for the people of Western Sydney.

“Our organisations have bold aspirations around how we can build on years of partnership and scale our efforts to deliver ‘one western Sydney health system’, with GPs, Allied Health professionals, specialists, nurses and patients empowered to work together as part of one care team.

“Western Sydney continues to lead the country in pushing forward health reform. 2020 is certainly going to be an exciting year for our partnership,” Mr Messom said.

WentWest board chair Diana O’Halloran said the boards had a robust discussion and congratulated the two chief executives on their hard work and leadership.

WSLHD Board Chair Mr Richard Alcock added that “Our commitment now is to continue to meet regularly and build on this fantastic momentum, in order to ensure our strategic visions are aligned and, wherever possible, we support each other in our shared goal to improve the health of Western Sydney”.