Blacktown Hospital love birds share plans for Valentine’s Day

Blacktown Hospital love birds and registered nurses Samantha Birch and Samuel Baddock.

Blacktown Hospital registered nurse Samantha Birch may be working this Valentine’s Day, but a romantic weekend away is still on the cards with her partner Samuel Baddock, who also works for the facility.  

After first meeting at university during clinical placement at Cumberland Hospital, both Samuel and Samantha knew it was meant to be.

“We started hanging out after class finished, keeping it all very innocent,” Samuel said.

“After working up the courage, I asked her out on a date.

“I ended up taking her to this dingy pub in Richmond… and the rest is history.”

Love sweeps the corridors at Blacktown Hospital!

Samantha said that her attraction to Samuel was almost instant.

“I remember saying to my friends how much I loved his eyes, every time I spoke to him I was just like ‘wow’,” Samantha said.

Currently saving up to buy a house, Sam and Sam have been together for three and a half years. They say the secret to a happy relationship is staying loyal to each other.

“Loyalty is important to me. I believe that to have a good relationship there has to be an element of loyalty, but also trust,” Samantha said.

Blacktown Hospital love birds and registered nurses Samanha Birch and Samuel Baddock.

Samuel told The Pulse a romantic getaway is planned for Valentine’s Day.

“We normally go out for dinner or spend the night in the city, but this Valentine’s Day we’ve got a small weekend away planned,” Samuel said.

“I’m a bit of a blokey bloke, so Sam looks forward to Valentine’s Day more than me, however, I do look forward to it, and it’s a special night with a special girl.”