General services squad spread Valentine’s Day love

General services staff showing off their red Valentine’s Day outfits.

General services staff have arrived at Westmead Hospital in red outfits to mark Valentine’s Day today, with the aim of spreading love and happiness across the facility.

Several staff sported red t-shirts, ribbons and other accessories, with Monica Lesslie making handmade hearts to pin to people’s shirts.

“Celebrating days like today really boosts our team spirit and morale around the hospital,” Monica said.

“We do our work because we love it. We love helping people and interacting with patients.

“It doesn’t matter if someone is your Valentine or not, everybody deserves a little love.”

General services spread the love at Westmead Hospital

General services manager Raynelle Howat was pleased to see the team showing off their outfits, allowing patients and staff to get involved in Cupid’s day of love.

“In a hospital, it’s the small things that make a big difference,” Raynelle said.

“Seeing someone dressed up, or just getting into the spirit of Valentine’s Day, has brought a smile to people’s faces.”

Members of the Westmead Hospital executive join general services staff on Valentine’s Day.

Westmead Hospital’s acting general manager Robynne Cooke said it was great to see staff dressing up for the occasion.  

“Dressing up for Valentine’s Day is a simple way for our teams to have fun while also cheering patients up,” Robynne said.

“It’s great to see our general services staff playing a part in our organisation’s cultural transformation project that’s underway. Spreading positivity is an important part of this.”