Sexual health gets busy at Festival X

WSLHD Sexual Health with party-goers at Festival X.

Hundreds of keen festival heads got more than just a dose of Calvin Harris and Lil Pump when they flocked to Sydney Olympic Park for Festival X.

More than 650 young people registered for chlamydia testings and 617 samples were taken on the day as Western Sydney Sexual Health Centre and the district’s HIV and Related Programs (HARP) team joined forces with NSW STI Programs Unit to provide proactive sexual health education.

HARP health promotion officer Kevin Dong said the outreach was all part of NSW Health strategy to educate young people as a priority population.

“Around 70 per cent of chlamydia infections occur among young people, so it’s important for us to go out of our way to reach them where they are with key health messages,” Kevin said.

“Festival X was a particularly successful day for us and it would not have been possible without great teamwork. In particular I’d like to thank the staff and peer educators from Youth Health, Community Health, Population Health and Sexual Health for supporting this project.”

Chlamydia is a common sexually-transmitted infection that is easily treated with antibiotics, but if left untreated can cause serious health issues.

Symptoms can include vaginal discharge but most people have no symptoms, which is why it is important for sexually active people to get tested regularly.

To organise a discreet, respectful and free sexual health check, contact Western Sydney Sexual Health Centre on 9843 3124.

For further information about the NSW STI Programs Unit, please contact Health Promotion program manager Marty Janssen